Magic Island festival

A trinity of parties. That’s what the Magic Island Festival is about.

3 days, 3 concepts, 3 times the fun.

In collaboration with Electro-Swing Malta, Tiger Rag Club (Berlin & Freiburg) and Swing is Swag (Paris), we decided to shake the Maltese nightlife and cultural scene. 22nd, 23rd and 24th of August 2014. Save the dates, you don’t want to miss that.

On Friday 22nd August we take over Valletta’s most famous party spot : Strait Street. Our artists will play sets in the bars there as well as in City Lights (yes, the former adult movie theatre). Everyone is free to attend and artists will make you dance for free. If you’re familiar with the French concept of « Fête de la musique », this is the idea. Ahead of V18, it’s about time we all make Valletta cool and sexy again.

Then, on Saturday 23rd August, we move the party to a great open air club in Xemxija. Outdoor party with a sea view. Would you like a back massage with that, ladies and gents? The club has an exotic burlesque atmosphere, unmatched anywhere else in Malta. A reasonable entrance fee will be required, to make sure the show delivers.

Eventually, on Sunday 24th August, we’ll close this awesome weekend with an exclusive boat party.

During that weekend you can be, successively, a trendy social animal, a burlesque clubber and a smooth pirate. Hard to find better ways to celebrate the « end » of summer, right ?

This event will gather an international crew and will be promoted in the rest of Europe, mainly in

France (we’re called Jean de La Valette after all), with the help of partners such as Air Malta.

Further details about the programme can be found on the Facebook event.

See you there.