Rooftop stunning view. Quiet waves in the pool. Shades of yellow and blue in the sky.

As the sun was setting, guests started to arrive at the Level 9 of the Palace Hotel in Sliema for the Jean de La Valette Foundation Launch party. Music started to play, as DJ Julien Vinet and DJ Al followed one another while Jho Dwild unleashed his violin skills, delighting guests’ ears. Palates weren’t forgotten, with great wine being served, courtesy of Philippe Martinet Fine Wines.

The evening kept getting better and better. Many guests didn’t know the location and were greatly surprised by its scenery. The jaw-dropping view itself was worth the trip. So, when you add good company, relaxed atmosphere and a glass of Chardonnay, you can only enjoy yourself. It’s interesting to note that the rooftop wasn’t used that much for similar events but after such a successful social gathering, we’re confident that the Level 9 of the Palace Hotel will definitely host other cool events of our own.

As we look back, the launch party perfectly reflected what we aim to achieve within the Foundation : great people connected through a great event in a great location.

For those who came, thanks for attending, your presence and good mood were greatly appreciated.

For those who didn’t, you definitely missed something (just check people’s smiles in the pictures).

Don’t worry though, the best is yet to come.