Magic Island Festival

4 Days , 4 Magical Locations fusing vintage with modern culture, more than 50 artists, musicians and performers from 7 different countries playing Electro swing, balkan beats and NuJazz , dip into the vintage market, learn how to dance under the stars, the trees or on the sea. This is Magic Island !

Our philosophy is:
- We operate on a non-profit basis.
- We are motivated to deliver culture to the masses at an affordable price, as we believe that this enriches the society we live in.
- We are committed to promote forms of art and music which do not receive much support from the mainstream media and establishments, and which are therefore less accessible for the general public.
- All our revenues are re-invested in cultural initiatives to give artists the platform to reach out to a local and international audience.
- We promote collaborations between artists from different countries, as we believe that this opens up exciting opportunities for the generation of innovative and creative ideas.
- Finally, we are fascinated by the re-discovery of vintage culture and its contemporary re-interpretation – embracing our past to create our future.
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  • Categories: Design, Music, Paintings, Performance Arts