Metamorphoses by Julien Vinet

Metamorphoses A contemporary Art Show by Julien Vinet
The Power House, Valletta.


Metamorphoses is a contemporary site-specific art show in which Julien Vinet connects his work to the very remarkable Power House. Those interconnections establish a renewing circularity between observation, installations and paintings, through a scenography available to the greatest number.

Ideally situated in Floriana, (close to Valletta, linked to the city by the Upper Baraka Garden elevator, being served by a ferry transport from the 3 cities, and welcoming people from all over the world via the cruise liners) the Power House is a building with history, charm and a strong artistic potential. Erected during the time of construction of the Floriana fortifications in the 1700’s, this building has taken many turns in history, before being transformed and operated as Malta’s first electricity production plant on the island. It was later converted into coal stores at the turn of the 20th century. This building is in reality a fascinating layering of spaces. Its present grandiose dilapidation, its secular industrial architecture, the complexity of its textures and the impressive dimensions are a modern invitation to a rejuvenating creation, a re-creation.

Metamorphoses is an exhibition in which the subject, the framework and the size of the presented pieces are an answer to the graphical and sensorial aspect of the imposing edifice. Using his iconic black and white Julien Vinet build the idea of an exhibition inhabited by the venue. The works are of small sizes or colossal dimensions and respond to the vibrations of this fascinating building. The occupation of 4 rooms for a total of about 900m2 by Vinet is driven by the reorganization in progress of the space. Movements, structural transformations and history are the 3 recurring themes developed by Vinet for the occasion. Their expression establish the metamorphose of the place, the metamorphoses of the works through the place, the metamorphoses of an atmosphere and a world because of this will for revival. Inspired originally by the eponymous poems of Ovid, this exhibition focuses on a re interpretation of known archetypes.

In this exhibition will be presented 18 works of Vinet and 5 graphic collaborations with Maltese artists or Malta-based artists (from design to photography and fashion). 3 pieces are installations of monumental dimensions. To complete the transformation of the venue, Michael Quinton, Maltese-English composer and musician, has realized an album of 12 musical experimentations inspired by the works of Vinet. These compositions will be presented live at the opening and will participate in the creation of an audio link between the works of Vinet and the architecture of the Power House.

Combining contemporary art with design, music, photography and fashion the exhibition intends to develop the art scene and its perception in Malta. Lectures will be organised on site for schools/ university and public in order to give youngsters and elders, tourists and families, aesthetes and laypersons the opportunity to blend, to exchange ideas and feelings and to re-comprehend the strong link that always have existed between humanity and art.

Julien Vinet (b. Paris, 1980) is a painter, engraver, illustrator and designer currently based in Malta. Following studies in Fine Arts at Paris VIII and Visual Communications at Jean Trubert Art School, Vinet discovered the strength of black and white – a passion that lead him to Japan where he lived for 8 years, studying calligraphy and engraving. Deeply influenced by Japanese culture, Vinet’s chiefly monochromatic body of work conveys a kinetic depth, a constantly changing and layered representation of subject through fragmented and reconstructed line.

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