Lazarus Taxon, a Photo book by Arnaud Griggio

A Lazarus Taxon is a group of organisms that disappears from the fossil record, only to reappear later.
The Jean de la Valette Foundation for Art and Culture is creating a book about the old traditions that we thought disappeared
but still exist.
Did you know that In Malta there are still people who are still a rope maker, a traditional tile maker, book binders, metalworkers,
car parts makers, Maltese stone sculptors?
In this book the JEVA wants to reintroduce those Maltese characters who works in old “beautiful”, rusty, dusty and very graphic workshops.
To introduce inspiring studios the JEVA is creating a photo book of about 30 workshops, 15 pictures in 4 pages for each
workshop, all taken by Arnaud Griggio. An introduction of 20 pages in Maltese and 20 pages in English written by Konrad Buhagiar from AP Architecture is going to present the context and the social aspect and importance of the subject.
To launch the book, the JEVA  will be organising an exhibitions of the 30 main pictures of the workshops.

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