URBEX, a Simon Vienne Photography Exhibition

By Julien Vinet

Urbex (Urban Exploration) is the fact of visiting places created by human which are henceforth abandoned, forgotten and forbidden, or at least difficult to access. Urbex linked with photography captures one last time these places by the most beautiful way.

For Simon Vienne ( bluemalta.com/sv-photography ), who grew up in a large city in north France (Lille), Urbex allows him to escape and discover another world. Indeed, in an instant,just enough to pass underneath a fence or climb a wall, you move from a living urban activity to a dark and isolated urban area. 
The quest for beauty in the ugly and the poetic aestheticism born from urban desolation and desertion are the themes that drives him to create his images. Indeed, these places are often destined for demolition or renovation while they are full of human stories and history. So why not capture it a last time by immortalizing the architecture and also the poetry and strangeness associated with it ?
The nature taking the upper hand on the human creation, the street-art works, multiple layers of textures, the light entering through a broken window, a dusty floor with antique furnitures are the elements that contribute to the singularity of these places.

Through his work, Simon Vienne tries to translate these feelings in order to interrogate and raise awareness among the public of the inherent existence of beauty in all things. This exhibition produced by The Jean De La Valette Foundation for Art and Culture (JEVA)  intends to redefine our cultural, sociological and artistic relation to the environment built and then abandoned by our society


Splendid, 74 Strait Street, Valletta, Malta
Opening on the 14th May 2015 from 19.30 till late. (the vernissage is public)
Open from Thursday to Sunday from 10.00 to 18.30

Event Free of charge

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